Thursday, July 16, 2009



Praying should be as easy as breathing for us. It should be one of the first and last things we do each well, as something we do continually, throughout the day. Because we live in the world, we must accomplish other tasks in our day as well. Unlike contemplatives, most of us cannot sit and pray all day long, even if that might be our fondest wish.

Therefore, we make use of votive or vigil candles. We visit a church, offer our prayer of...petition...thanksgiving...praise...blessing...and light a candle. The candle symbolizes our prayer long after we have left...keeping it "aflame." The candle also shows solidarity with others sending their own prayers aloft.

Some days, it may be impossible for us to find the time to stop into a church to light a candle. Rev. Bosco Peters (@Liturgy on Twitter) has given us all the solution to that problem. By clicking on the link below you will be brought to a virtual chapel. Lift up your prayer and light a candle right from your pc.

While NOTHING can compare to, or replace, an actual visit to church, in a pinch, this is a wonderful, occasional alternative!


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