Saturday, July 25, 2009


Each morning, I receive a Minute Meditation via e-mail. The thought for today is:

Love within a family is unconditional, and this kind of environment is necessary not only for children but also for adults who need a space of healing from wounds inflicted in the marketplace.
~Living a Spirituality of Action~

Love within a family SHOULD be unconditional and curative.

Is it that way in YOUR family?

Is it that way in MINE?

Too many times, our families are our worst judges and juries...our closest relations are our harshest critics...our most punitive taskmasters...a veritable fount of unforgiveness.

There are many reasons...excuses...why this dynamic is so; and yet, it is not the familial relationship-dynamic modeled to us by our Triune God!

So, where do we go, when the harshest wounds are not inflicted in the marketplace, but rather in the bosom of the family?

While some turn to alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, overspending, and other "self-medicating"...self-harming...short-term fixes; I turn to haven in the complexities and irrationalities that are my family life. I would love to have had a "Donna Reed-type" family...but, I was not so blessed.

And so, I turn to God...who KNOWS all...and...SEES all.

I pray for conversion of hearts for those who refuse to communicate...or have right relationship...with me.

I pray for God to pour His love and mercy and forgiveness out upon me, so I in turn, may have mercy, forgiveness, love...AND...understanding for those who are hurting my children and I.

I pray that God may keep me from becoming as bitter as some.

And, I pray for continue doing what I know in my heart is the right thing to follow through on the wishes of the one who was illness...and death.

I guess, as the old saw goes: "candy is dandy...liquor is quicker"...



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