Thursday, July 2, 2009



I was watching a show called God is Good on Telecare the other morning. There was a sister on the show from Nebraska talking about her conversion, and subsequent founding of a religious order.

She was telling about how after she had been a Catholic for three whole months, she realized that she didn't even know the Blessed Mother. So, she decided to go to Adoration on Holy Thursday evening to spend a holy hour with Christ. She went on to say that she brought many books with her because she wasn't sure how she would spend a full hour in prayer.

As she sat praying, she began to meditate on Jesus' words: "I thirst."

The sister too, began to pray: "I thirst."

She envisioned herself with Jesus in the garden and she told him that she thirsted to know Mary. Soon a woman entered the garden in her meditation, and Jesus introduced that woman as his mother.

The story this sister was telling was faith-filled and beautiful. And, it got me to thinking...

For what do I thirst?

I thirst for:








And, just like the good sister, I find all of these in Christ!

How about YOU?

For what do YOU thirst?

How can Christ quench that thirst for YOU?


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