Friday, April 30, 2010



I used to ask God for strength...


He kept giving me things to be strong about.


I pray for mercy...

I can't take any more of His strength training!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Huntington Men's Chorus Annual Spring Concert


Our beloved Deacon Jim is a member of The Huntington Men's Chorus...a wonderfully gifted and talented group of men...who at their performances have everyone...from the youngest to the oldest in attendance...tapping their feet, swaying to the music, and just having a grand old time!!!

Their next concert is May a tribute to Long Island's own Harry Chapin!!

Long Island Cares...Mr. Chapin's own charity...will be collecting canned goods for our dangerously low food pantries across the island.

A good time...supporting a great cause...what more can you ask, for the nominal cost of $10 (Seniors and Students: $8) and a can of food??

And, if Jim has a are in for a rare treat indeed!!

My canned goods and I will be in attendance.

How about YOU?

If you would like to purchase tickets, please leave a comment and I will forward Deacon Jim's email address so you can contact him directly!

God Bless!!