Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dear Heavenly Father,

There is such peace in knowing that You see what is truly in our hearts and souls.

Thank you for always loving us, even as some have abandoned us based merely on appearance.

Happily, You always stand with us; sending Your Son, Jesus Christ to shower us in the truth, even while others sometimes buffet us with misplaced anger and lies.

Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to give us courage as we speak the truth ~ boldly and passionately ~ always and everywhere.

Lovingly, You send good friends to replace bad family relationships.

We are grateful, Lord, for the joy and the sorrow, one to learn how to rejoice, the other to learn compassion.

Thank you for everything, Father, the good, the bad, and the horrible, all of it makes us who we are; and always, with Your Grace, helps us to grow closer to You.

Heavenly Father, I place in Your loving hands everything I am, have, and may become, use me however, wherever, and whenever You may need me to do Your, tomorrow, and forever.

Your Child


What Would Be In YOUR Love Letter To Our Father???

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