Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I have been carrying, and will continue to carry, the cost of "securing" my aunt's house on top of my own bills until this probate mess is ruled on. Not being independently wealthy or a famous movie star, there is good reason I don't own more than one home:


In order to "secure" the house, I must pay the electric and telephone bills to keep the security camera and burglar alarm working. I must collect the mail and keep records of all the bills that I am paying and the ones that the estate will pay once the probate judge makes his ruling. The cats must be fed and cleaned, the lawn mown, and all of this must be done two towns over from where I live, so I am keeping my corner gas station in business, as well.

It's a lot for one person, especially a person still grieving and asking: "What if I had only..." whatever...over and over, day in and day out.

This I know for sure...through it all, God is guiding and supporting me.

His love and concern come through crystal clear every time my cousin calls me to check in and make sure I'm still hanging in there.

His love and concern come through crystal clear every time my friends call or drop by to take my mind off my troubles.

His love and concern came through crystal clear today, when I called the electric company to see how we could decrease the bills on my aunt's house.

Just about everyone on Long Island complains about our electric company.
Not me, Not anymore. I met an angel over the telephone today, and I have a new appreciation for our oft maligned utility company.

The lady I spoke with listened as I explained the situation and immediately went into action. She told me my aunt was on a budget plan and, that since the usage has decreased over the last few months, that the first thing she was doing was taking the house off the budget plan. Right away, that decreased the bill by over twenty-five dollars.

Then, she told me she would generate another bill and, when I received it I should call and ASK FOR HER (Yes, she gave me her name! I did not miss the coincidence that her last name is the same as the name of a Catholic College in the next county, which in turn was named for a beloved Archbishop!), and she would make a payment plan that would keep the electricity on, but not strangle my own finances in the meantime.

This wonderful woman then said that she understood the pressure of the situation I am in and, she would not be making the situation any more difficult! She offered her condolences and that, is when I lost it and began to cry.

She said it was okay, and then she told me: "I'm going to say this and I mean it: have a nice afternoon, make yourself a cup of tea, it'll help!"

I thanked her, hung up the telephone, and sobbed.

I'm going to go make that cup of tea now, but not before I remind us all to recognize God and his angels all around us!

When the chips are down, those who are of God are the ones helping us hold it together....the rest of them...well, we all know who sent them!

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