Tuesday, June 16, 2009



DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an attorney; however, some things are just good old fashioned common sense! Should YOU find yourself in the following situation, SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY BEFORE YOU SAY OR DO ANYTHING!

Apparently, when my aunt was applying for credit with banks, shopping shows, food catalogs, clothes catalogs, and sundry many others...she put me down on all the accounts as the person to contact when she could not be reached.

And, that is what they are now doing. Offering to "let me" settle my aunt's debt so I will not receive any more annoying telephone calls.

At the beginning of each telephone call they tell me that the call is an attempt to collect a debt, and that any information I may give them will be used to collect that debt. They then go on to say that I am not personally responsible for the debt (You've got that right!)

These calls are coming to my home...EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The gentleman who called this morning gave me the usual spiel. I told him that I am not in a position to settle the matter at this time. I explained that the will is in probate and until the probate judge rules, the bills cannot be paid.

He went on to explain that the interest would stop accruing on the loan if I PAID THE DEBT WITH MY OWN CREDIT CARD!!


I told the gentleman that since he himself had told me in the beginning of the call that I WAS NOT PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEBT...that I would not be making it my responsibility by CHARGING IT TO MY OWN CREDIT CARD!

He tried to pressure me to take advantage of this one time only chance to settle the debt, and stop him from calling.

I again declined. He then asked if there was a probate attorney.


My answer is always the same: "Yes, there is, and I pay them out of my own pocket at the moment, and I do not give out their telephone number, nor do I advise them to speak to anyone without my consent, inasmuch as I am paying a very high hourly rate for their services."

It was a very civilized conversation; however, once again he tried to convince me to put the debt (this ONE $15,000.00) on my credit card. I told him I would be hanging up, and that once the probate matter was settled, the bills would be paid according to New York State Law.

He was still talking as I said good-bye and hung up the telephone!

The first thought that entered my mind was this: "How many people do these collectors get EACH AND EVERY DAY to take responsibility for another's debt, because, their minds are clouded by grief and, they just want to stop the constant telephone calls?!

Be careful out there!

If someone tries this trick on YOU, as it has been tried on me several times a week since my aunt passed...DON'T YOU LET THEM GET THE BETTER OF YOU!

Call an attorney and know your rights.

We have many freedoms and rights in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Take Care, And Love Each Other!!

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