Monday, March 16, 2009

These Old Bones

Today is sort of a blue/gray day on Long Island. Everything about it screams: "RAIN IS COMING!" Of course, my joints were screaming that as I got out of bed this morning...didn't need the sky to tell me. Every now and then, the sun tries to peek through a cloud and stay awhile. But, overall the sky is more gray than blue, and more murky than sunny. And, my joints are more creaky than quiet.

Ever since I turned forty, my joints have been making themselves known loudly and clearly. Sometimes the noises, creakings, and new gray hairs get to me in our world of younger is better and Clairol, L'Oreal, and botox (really? really? inject botulism into my face!? You ARE kidding? Right? I have to be near death to take a Tylenol...botox is NOT happening anywhere near me!!)

All in all, though, I'm okay with my creaks and, I have even embraced my gray hairs...they tell the world that I have weathered a storm or two (or three or four or twelve) and come out the other side...older, yes; but, more importantly wiser.

And the good news is: even though my earthly vessel is a little worse for wear here and there, my spirit is in tact. My heart, my soul, they are younger than springtime. Someday, when the creaking eventually stops, my spirit will soar up, up, up and away right into the arms of Our Lord. There, my spirit unencumbered by it's creaking body, will be free.

I have no illusions about what heaven is like. I know from St. Therese that there will still be work to be done. I know that, too, from my own prayer life. I hardly give any of the saints or deceased family members a day of rest, asking each to intercede for this one or that with the Father. When the time comes, I will be ready, willing, and able to work...what a pleasure it will be to do it without an accompanying soundtrack of cracks and creaks!

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