Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perfect Love

It is a gorgeous day on Long Island.
There is just a hint of the promise of spring in the air
even while piles of snow are still scattered around here and there.

As I was driving my younger son to class this morning I began to ponder the concept of Perfect Love. Of course, Christ showed us Perfect Love on the cross. As a mother, I think the closest I have ever come to Perfect Love was when my boys exited my womb and were placed in my arms at birth; even though, they had had my heart even before the doctor confirmed I was expecting.

But, Perfect Love for my neighbor - that is more of a struggle for me. It is easy as mom to say: "I give all I have and all I am to you, my sons: my life, my love, my heart, my soul - they are yours now and forever." It is much more difficult to say to the stranger, or those neighbors who strain my patience to its painfully short limit. Yet, that is exactly what Christ did and expects me to do as well.

Jesus did not just prick his finger and spill a few drops of blood so that only his closet friends would be saved. Rather, Christ allowed his whole body to be ravaged, his hands and feet pierced with rusty nails, his head bloodied and torn by the crown of thorns, his side savagely ripped by the soldier's sword...His blood flowed freely not for the select few gathered at the cross that fateful day but, for all sinners then, now and into eternity. His blood flowed for you and me, for our friends, our loved ones, AND those who challenge us in whatever way that might be.

Perfect Love...it is a challenge for me. Jesus showed me the way. I know it is the way I must follow. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will obey.

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