Monday, March 9, 2009

Accepting Mediocrity

As I was preparing my notes for our Level 7 Confirmation Prep Group, I came upon the following in the "Sustaining Your Spirit" section of The Harcourt Publishers "Call to Faith" Catechist Manual. It has been sticking with me for a couple of weeks now because, all around me all I seem to hear everyday is: "good enough is good enough." I hear it in one way or another from almost everyone I encounter. It seems to be a recurring theme in so many areas of our lives. Sometimes, it is used as almost an indictment against anyone who cares enough to want more from or to give more than is normally expected in any given situation. I can't help believing that the "good enough is good enough" attitude is what leads us right down the garden path to the unhealthy and unsatisfactory situations and relationships in which we so often find ourselves. This little blurb from our textbook has obviously had a great impact on me. I hope the same is true for you!

"Acceptance of mediocrity is the quietest and most harmful of all the challenges you face. Accepting mediocrity makes you ineffective and may eventually lead to apathy.

Wherever mediocrity is found, the lullaby is the same: 'It's good enough.'

Testimony is the courageous practice of making a public statement that 'It's not good enough for me.' Even if you don't know how to improve a situation, truthfully testifying that something is not good enough strengthens the fire of your spirit.

Reflect: To what area of mediocrity might you now need to apply the practice of Testimony?"

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