Monday, May 4, 2009


Saturday night, we went to a concert by the Huntington Men's Chorus. They were wonderful, and our very own deacon had a solo, which was simply incredible. I told him afterward that he must sing EVERYTHING from now on...homilies, lessons, voicemail messages...EVERYTHING!

During the show, I spotted an elderly man, across the aisle, enjoying himself immensely. During the entire concert, he kept tapping the tips of his fingers together in time to the music. He was too cute. The smile on his face, that never dimmed the entire time, was infectious.

I can't get that man out of my mind. He simply glowed with the excitement of a little child! He came to enjoy himself and that is what he did! He had a way about him that reminded me of a young boy enjoying a new toy. Watching him enjoy the program made my enjoyment of the show increase.

I imagine that is how God feels when he watches us. His enjoyment of creation and humanity must increase when he sees us enjoying and taking good care of it and each other.

I think of the commercial, when I was a little girl, of the Native American man looking out over litter strewn along the highway, and garbage ruining the lake...the commercial ended with a tear streaming down that man's cheek.

I wonder, how many more times, God's enjoyment decreases by our actions and our words in relation to the created world and each other.

We have been told, and know it to be true that we must decrease so God may increase.

What are YOU doing today, that might increase God's enjoyment?

What are YOU doing that might bring a tear, instead, like the one in that long ago commercial?

How is it that YOU must God can increase?


  1. A friend of mine (who died several years ago) used to have such a childlike faith - simple, joyful, trusting. It was quite touching to see. And she used to pray daily, "Lord Jesus, please grow real big in me and help me to grow real small." I suspect she's giggling in heaven right now.

    Thank you for this post - it meant a lot to me.

  2. You are very welcome! I think I might adopt that prayer: simple and direct. God isn't fooled by the flowery...He knows our hearts and souls better than we ever could. Your friend sounds like a gem. I am sorry for your loss. But, know that with the kind of faith she had she is watching over you and interceding for you in every circumstance.