Sunday, May 10, 2009


As a little girl in Catholic School (Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Bayside, Queens...YEA OLBS!) I won a raffle. The raffle tickets were 10 cents each (oops is my age showing?). The prize was an 18 inch cream colored plastic statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary donated by one of the other children's dad.

It became my prized possession!

Every year, after I won that statue, I would set up a May Altar in my bedroom with fresh lilacs from the bush in the backyard of the garden apartment we lived in at the time. I prayed to Mary every single day...still do.

The Blessed Mother is perfect! She is the shining example of what women and especially mothers should be. Her "yes" to God saved us all!

The Blessed Virgin Mary is Mother of us all!

For those of us, whose mothers can't or won't be present to us at times or always, due to death, mental illness, drug abuse, family drama, or other circumstances beyond their or our control, I assure you The Blessed Mother is present for you ALWAYS!

And, what better mother could you ask for?

Several years ago, the Knights of Columbus in our parish erected a beautiful grotto for the Blessed Mother. I love this statue even more than my 18 inch prize.

This Blessed Mother is life size. I can stand before her and pray and imagine myself talking face to face with my holy mother. It is incredible.

As I drive by the statue each morning, I say this quick prayer: "Blessed Mother, please intercede for me this day, with your beloved Son."

If you cannot be with your biological mother today, for whatever reason, and this day is difficult for you because of that...Pray To The Blessed Mother.

Tell Mary, your cares, your woes, your concerns, your goals, whatever it is that is on your heart.

She will listen.

You will find peace.

And, best of all she has an "IN" with our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ!

What more could you ask for in a mother??

Do it, I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself and your world!

God Bless You!

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