Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I sent the following text message to my secretary this morning: "Hi will be in shortly. Had to adjust my attitude first."

You see, I was out of balance...actually have been for several days...but this morning especially, I was clunking around like a washing machine with a pair of sneakers jostling about inside.

It wasn't pretty.

My mind was not in alignment with my heart and soul.

Despite an active prayer life, I needed something more.

I needed uninterrupted quality time to sit quietly with God and reassess my priorities, unclutter my mind from the detritus of the world, and allow my soul to surrender.

And, I needed it right then and there...it could not wait a minute more...my very being depended on it.

At the end of my "re-balancing" session, I literally was singing: "To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul."

Indeed, for my very sanity that was what I had to do this morning before work.

How about you, are you in balance or out of balance?

Are you centered to your very core, or are you not really sure who you even are at this moment?

The answer is right before you: surrender.

Sit humbly with our God, listen quietly, re-balance, re-assess, rejuvenate, re-connect, be in the world, not of it.

Lift up your soul, and the attitude adjustment will follow!

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