Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love computers, the Internet, video games, and cell phones! I am not as technologically knowledgeable or advanced as my two boys, but that’s okay, because I have them around to help me when things get beyond my capabilities.

In April, I bought a Droid.


If you have an iPhone or Droid, you know about the “apps” (applications)…the things that these phones can do. I was a little shocked at some of the “apps” in the Droid Marketplace…. but was pleasantly surprised to find many versions of the Bible…and absolutely thrilled to find the daily Mass Readings and Liturgy of the Hours “app”…for FREE!

Now, I just set the alarm on my phone to remind me to STOP, BREATHE, and PRAY the hours…no more missed or “bundled” daily prayers for me!

God truly is everywhere…even on the iPhone and the Droid!

We set our calendars and alarms for meetings with clients, bosses, doctors, and our children’s teachers…why not set it to remind us to take the time to “meet” with God?

Just be careful in the marketplace on these phones though, because just like on earth…where there is God…there is also Satan.

Always, choose wisely!

Even in technology…choose…GOD!

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