Sunday, November 22, 2009


As one liturgical year comes to an end, and another begins next week with the First Sunday of Advent, it is time to reflect...on how our relationship with Christ has grown...or weakened...over the last twelve months.

Have we kept Christ as the King of our hearts...our souls...and our lives?

Have our words and actions loving shown this truth to others?


Have we made ourselves the king...or queen...of our own universe?

Have our words and actions shown to others a love of dominance above all else?

Is it always YOUR way or the your family and professional relationships?

Can YOU bend with YOU bend circumstances to suit YOURSELF?

Do YOU always have to have the last word?

Are YOU always spite of what the facts may prove?

The time is right to change that put Christ back where He the King of YOUR heart...YOUR soul...and YOUR life!

Turn back to Christ...give Him back His rightful place in YOUR life...the time is NOW!

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